The desert of water

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  • 出版年:c2015
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版地:Houston
  • ISBN:978-1-63135-907-1 ; 978-1-62516-946-4


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From the vast blue ocean to the infinite cloudy skies up above, ascends the poetry in The Desert of Water. Its poetic acts introduce a totally new anatomy of poetry, where the heart is not under a compulsion to beat, though the words have a rhythm all their own. Listen to the values, joys, sorrows, and fantasies, where 'life is always green, provided you are not so fussy about the definition of green!' The book begins with a volcanic eruption of extreme and abnormal thoughts, fired off in a most cynical manner, and exposing our corrupt, flexible morals and ethics. Then the poems take a U-turn to discuss the subjects of day-to-day life, which we find hard to concede, and therefore discard them under the pretext of our so-called busy, modern life. Finally, a high note sounds with the mesmerizing story of the last evening of life with someone special! Our journey can be converted into a more enriching experience when taken in the context of this poetry collection. According to the author, 'Words are those beautiful pink roses sprinkled to romance with the language, as we may often presume, but in fact, the moment they are expressed; their coffins are laid down by us in the cemetery of a white paper, pretending to create something meaningful!' Mayuresh Kulkarni is a practicing lawyer with his own firm and associates. He grew up in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, India. His first poetry book released last year, was titled as 'The Bright Side of the Dark!'


  • What a Nightmare!(p.1)
  • A Circle Without the Center!(p.8)
  • The Water With a Color!(p.17)
  • My Unsung Hero!(p.22)
  • Sea, as I See!(p.34)
  • Romance, Even With Them!(p.42)
  • Ten Fingers and Eleven Rings!(p.49)
  • Take It in a True Spirit!(p.56)
  • The Impressions, off course!(p.62)
  • The Psychiatrist of a...!(p.67)
  • The Existence That Matters!(p.73)
  • Renaissance, a Different Perspective!(p.77)
  • A Poor Show!(p.87)
  • A Date With Death!(p.91)
  • Review Requested:(p.viii)